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Delivering Mediterranean barbeque Our Story

There is nothing equal to the value of interacting with family and friends while sharing a meal. Traditionally we always bought our food in bulk prepared for the unannounced visits from family and friends. We were always excited to get extra guests and loved the laughter and joy their company brought us. Kan Zaman wants to bring this same value and spirit to you by continuing to practice the traditions passed onto us from our ancestors by having plenty of food ready to be shared amongst family and friends.
In the Middle East "Mezza" is considered to be the jewels of the table. They are a way of life and meant to be enjoyed with family & friends. At our family gatherings, the Mezza has always been the centerpiece of the table, to be shared with family & friends, it’s about being together. We invite you to share an assortment of our appetizer dishes to enjoy a complete Middle Eastern experience